Permanent exhibition

LIPA PAMTI, f, Gamulin, 1

The Memorial Centre’s permanent exhibition conceptually follows the exhibiton of the former Memorial Museum (from 1968 until 1989) with the aim of keeping museographic continuity. The old permanent exhibition generated as result of collaboration between Boško Končar and Antun Giron, curator of the former People’s Revolution Museum in Rijeka, academician Branko Fučić and architects Igor Emili and Darko Turato. With its expressivity it represented an exceptionally well-made museographic solution so some of its segments are used in the new exhibition as citations. Also, the functional zoning of the floors was also repeated. The Centre’s basement will accomodate once again the Liburnian Karst etnographic display. The entry level, formerly used as prolonged stay for schoolchildren and gathering place for locals is now a multifunctional space in which the Liburnian Karst cultural and historical heritage permanent exhibition quickly and easily transforms into a „living room“ for locals – a space for lectures, periodical exhibitions or film projections. The first floor is yet again dedicated to Lipa’s memorial heritage.

Authors of the new permanent exhibition are curators of Maritime and History Museum of the Croatian Littoral in Rijeka: Tea Perinčić, Ivo Mileusnić, Ranko Starac, Ivana Šarić Žic i Vana Gović.

Expert associate is Danica Maljavac, long-time curator of the former Memorial Museum.
Authors of the Centre’s spatial and visual solution are architect Antun Sevšek and designer Damir Gamulin.


LIPA PAMTI, f, Gamulin, 3