Ethnographic Heritage

Living on the Liburnian Karst always meant living along the border. People of Liburnian Karst have developed a specific identity and lifestyle due to their habitation at the geographical crossroads of Istra, Croatian Littoral and European hinterland; at the crossroad of key road routes between Rijeka, Trieste and Ljubljana and at the borders of many historical states. They traditionally bury their deceased in the slovene cemetery in the neighbouring Jelšane so they love to joke about them being born as Croatians and being dead as Slovenians. Also, to whom it may concern, they have a saying: „Nismo Ćići ni Brkini, mi smo jušto na kunfini or „We’re not from Ćićarija (a mountain in Istria), nor from Brkini (a slovenian region), we are right on the border!“